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Immersion April 12th 2017

It seems to become a recurring starting point: mindfulness. Even though this day we had a group with very mixed acquaintances to meditation, the flow brought us to longer exercices that may have stretched some comfort zones. The first part of the practice was devoted to develop some discipline in the attention of the mind. Both […]

Process group – March 29th 2017

This second process event was building further on the energy we created during the first session. New participants were kindly and smoothly integrated by the returning participants of the first event. I felt warmly touched by the respect and safety in the holding container that the group members were able to hold for one another. And it […]

Immersion March 29th 2017

As before we started the immersion today with basic mindfulness: simply being aware of what is. The group expressed their ease with the first exercise and following this we jumped towards quite an advanced exercise: observing the observer. Although challenging, this exercise evoked a lot of valuable insights. Sincere sharing revealed how different and unique each person’s experience was from the […]

Process group – February 16th 2017

This evening we launched the first IP Process group. At the time of arrival we took a moment for informal connecting. It was a matter of minutes to settle and to get comfortable. We opened the meeting with an IP meditation. This prepared the mind with a relaxed and  enhanced focus for working in a safe space of enlarged consciousness. As soon […]

Immersion February 15th 2017

We started the immersion today with basic mindfulness. Subsequently we moved into deeper Silence and observed a body scan from that Silence which induced a deeper embodied presence. Following that we shifted into hara presence in the most effortless way. Shifting from doing to being by applying the art of effortless intention. This is a martial art skill that can also be applied in […]

The human tapestry

Observing the huge amount of human individuals currently incarnated on the planet (7.5 billion in 2017) and the immense variety of expressions of the human experience, I like to compare humanity with a tapestry. In this metaphor the human individual is equated with one fiber in that immense tapestry called humanity. A tapestry that arises from the eternal weaving […]

Immersion November 9th 2016

During the immersion today we explored the basic definition of mindfulness practiced one-pointed focus practiced thought-watching initiated hara awareness. We touched a bit on the concepts of personality structure, driving forces, the Neutral Observer, transcending thoughts, and the mechanisms of thought/emotion/experience.    

Immersion October 25th 2016

During this immersion we gently touched a few aspects of IP, using mindfulness as a tool for gentle exploration of IP. Basic definition and practice of Mindfulness Applying mindfulness to develop discernment between thought and awareness Applying mindfulness to develop discernment between sensation and awareness Applying mindfulness to invite an awareness of the inner Neutral Observer  (discernment between a perception and the perceiver) Basic definition and […]


Innocent and pure like a baby Playful and curious like a child Unconventional and adventurous like an adolescent Industrious and ambitious like a young adult Responsible and mature like an adult Wise and patient like a senior Jan Janssen – August 13th 2016.

You are not who you think you are – existential poem

You are not who you think you are. You are not who I think you are. Who you really are is … unthinkable.   I am not who you think I am. I am not who I think I am. Who I really am is … unthinkable.   Who you are is real. Who I am is real. […]